The Bands



Scurvy Kids are a Los Angeles based Punk Rock band that consists of Ben (vocals), Nicole (bass), Christian (drums), Brandon (guitar) & Brinley (guitar).

We like to play fast paced, somewhat angry sounding music with lyrics based on personal beliefs & experiences, our favorite foods, playing pranks, picking goobers, telling dumb jokes, farting and overall just being jerks.

We have shared stages with Misfits, John 5, Fear, Agent Orange, Doyle, Michale Graves, Blitzkid, D.O.A., The Dickies, Wednesday 13, Koffin Kats, D. I., The Undead, Once Human, Zeke, Unwritten Law, Nashville Pussy, 45 Grave, Rikk Agnew, Duane Peters, Order Of The Fly, Calabrese and so many more.

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What is Octobrists?

It is a one man band that incorporates industrial punk music with a live multimedia presentation. When starting Octobrists I wanted to do something different. It is almost impossible to write music that is extremely different because everything has been done.

So the best way to separate Octobrists from everyone is else is the presentation of the music. Taking the themes of each EP and songs and incorporating videos to the live show. This will give fans a full sensory experience of music, video and lighting.

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